Our customers are just blown away by the taste and experience of dinning at our bakery!

"Fantastic wine qualities and prices!" John L.

"Super fresh deli sandwiches and the coffee is fantastic" Peter B.

"Remember it's about the cinnamon rolls everyone!" Leo M.

Affordable prices at top quality and freshness. So don't even think of purchasing a $2000 airplane ticket to Italy when you have Charli's Italian Bakery in your backyard! So come by today and experience the unforgettable taste of fresh baked Italian goods, grocery items, wines and sandwiches... TODAY!
Ever want to enjoy a fantastic Italian bakery?

Regardless if you have visited one in Italy or one state side, they are fantastic when you find a good one! It's very sad when you have your mouth set for a great Italian bakery or even a great deli sandwich, so you go find one and it's poor at best.... it's very sad.

And to make it worse they don't use real Italian ingredients, cooking methods or recipes! Until recently, here in the Coachella valley the only way to experience a great Italian bakery is to book a flight to Italy! Don't purchase that airplane ticket!

Come over to Charli's Italian Deli, Bakery, Grocery and Wines!

Our Italian wines are super affordable. The bakery goods are to die for and the sandwiches are the best in town! Oh and don't forget our gourmet coffee's and teas! We also have fresh baked breads, cakes, cookies, brownies, pastries and much more.

Wait no longer to experience the taste if Italy! Come visit us at Charli's Italian Bakery in Indio CA.
• Fresh baked

• Only the Highest Quality Ingredients

• Affordable

• and Unforgettable!
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